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Time to re-introduce the Storybook Neighborhood:

I used to live in a neighborhood with picturesque early 20th century houses, and I started posting pictures of them on Facebook. In about two years, I never ran out of material, even with my self-imposed rule that all photos had to be taken while walking my own dog in my own vicinity. (My own dog, a cheerful fellow, was fine with this, and appeared, fecklessly, in many of the pictures.)

Times have changed, but there are still sites that belong to the Storybook Neighborhood. My new rule is: places that combine charm and whimsy and put hope in the viewer's heart for a civilized conversation or a good read, hopefully with a cup of excellent tea or coffee.

Here's the Kansas City Library, good for two out of the above three criteria, and submitted by alert Roving Reporter Jim Coons.

I'll need help from Roving Reporters, now that I no longer have my easy source of material--so email me your favorite castles, cozy cottages and winsome garden gates! And, sign up for the blog's mailing list to see the neighborhood's expansion.


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