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Older Homes--Joys and Woes



There are joys and pangs that go with owning an older home. You learn to sidestep the odd loose board, to deal with iffy plumbing, to jiggle the doorknob adroitly to get your key in, to buy extension cords by the gross. You also get to live surrounded by a sense of history, and by materials that no amount of money can buy in today's world.

You also get to live with the values that went into the construction. Here are some pages from my cherished Aladdin Homes catalog from 1917. They sent the hopeful buyer all the materials, pre-cut, and the buyer put up the home on his pre-purchased lot. And, in the fulsome language of the day, they describe their code of ethics: "Integrity means moral soundness; it means freedom from corrupting influence or practice...The customer must be well-served--must be satisfied--must be pleased--must be a friend." (Note, too, the prices of the day reflect a 5% discount for paying cash!)

I'm also posting some house portraits I've done of Aladdin-era homes. They are some of my personal favorites. Contact me to get your own house drawn. Historic houses are a specialty.


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