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Three Dog Nights



We are finishing up a weekend with three dogs. A couple of three-dog nights and one three-dog day = a three dog weekend. It could have been easy to be hard, but it wasn't. (If you caught that reference, you must be my age.)

Observations, at the end:

  • An old farmer once opined, of hiring boys to help in the farmyard: "A boy, is a boy. Two boys, is half a boy. And three boys is no boy at all." This rural Einstein's relative math applies to dogs, as well--the three we had seemed to disappear in ways our two dogs seldom do. And since we expected no household help from them, this was fine.
  • Our visiting dog is a snuggle-puppy, either standing or sitting directly on our feet, or wedging herself into our armpits during naps. I did not find this even the tiniest bit annoying. Awwwwww, was my only reaction.
  • Our visiting dog is a pit bull. I think pit bulls look like pigs drawn by accident.
  • All this, plus the arrival of a Brittany puppy in the extended family, prompted some illustration ideas, which I'll attach.


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