I love working out ideas in my graph paper notebooks - so I wanted my blog page to have a graph paper background!
When I'm sketching ideas on those graph paper pages, I feel more creative, and the ideas just flow!

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Yesterday I fell off my bike, rubber-necking the Indiana School for the Blind's obelisks of square ceramic tiles. Brushed myself off (with help from Marvin) and spent some time there. Aren't these nifty?

I like squares. I like their solidity and balance. I like their heft and friendliness. You can count on a square to be there for you, not to go all avant garde on you. Not to get funky and have an off-balance design fit. Not to be too high-falutin'. (Perhaps I'm stuffing too much personality into a simple shape, but it's my blog.)

I like square things. I knew I was in trouble the first time I held a CD in my hand--I liked the shape of the case (and, it was not hard to recognize its superiority to the audio cassette.) We could finally get back to the cover art design possibilities of the square, like we always enjoyed with vinyl records before that unfortunate interlude with 8-tracks and cassettes. I'm including a picture of some favorites.

I'm including a picture of some block prints I did--I uncovered them in the course of unpacking stuff as I move. I like the combination of letters and squares. I like the symmetry of the square, and the challenge of making a design fit into it without the luxury of having one orientation run rampant, be it length or height. Horizontal or vertical--everybody has to play by the same rules when they're playing inside a square.

These are my reasons for liking squares, and maybe, for being one.


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