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Lots of Cool Containers!



I moved this month. Moved the remainder of my goods and chattels into Marvin's house, and commenced settling in.

So, there's a lot of stuff around here. (My sons agreed together on a policy for my birthday gift this year: "Nothing three dimensional.") It feels like a victory that combining our two households has NOT necessitated a rented storage unit, and has not built a monument to clutter. Although everything is stuffed to the gills, and our smallest project results in immediate clutter till the project's end, and there's now a library in the basement, we are managing.

For right now, I'm having fun playing with my toys--lots of cool containers to fill up with pencils and kitchen tools and candy and jewelry. Then I redistribute it in more cool containers. Pictured: some tooled leather that holds paperwork and stationery, clocks and an hourglass (they hold time), a cornbread mold that holds my daily jewelry, a basket for antique kitchen tools (great conversation pieces!), and some ironstone crockery that holds pens, pencils, rulers, markers...

It isn't much different from the way I played with empty boxes when I was six. Some things don't change. I like doing conventional storage in unconventional ways.


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