Artist Explains the Backstory of a Drawing

Desktop final

The accompanying illustration is a rejected design for a book cover. The author went with a bright digital image better suited to her book. (I think I'd've made the same decision.) But I went ahead and did a final version because it made me happy, and I thought you might enjoy an explanation of my process.

In the case of this art, I inked the major outlines with a slightly thicker line. I seldom draw from life, so everything here is made up from an idea in my head, and I use line weight for emphasis more than for resemblance to real life. I can see the air of unreality in this piece, but I excuse it, saying it's unreal in the sense that it's idealized. It's my Platonic ideal of a desktop.

desktop merely rough

Well, that's the process that went into the art at the top of the page.
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