Hypocritical Artist Returns to Blogging       

Sample page.Hypocritical because I've made a coloring book I have no intention of coloring. (That's where you come in.)
I like to DRAW. And LETTER. And WRITE. So when the Covid lockdowns kicked in, I used the time to do more of what I love.
I'm offering Versa-Flora, full of floral designs and hand-lettered verses done, for the most part, during the pandemic of 2020.
The title is my attempt to avoid the trite ("Floral Fantasies"?) or the depressing ("Covid Coloring Pages"?!?) and make available hopeful, cheerful images and ideas.
I had the idea back in 1991. You'll see that date on a couple of the pages, done long before the craze for adult coloring books. Those drawings were rediscovered under twenty-nine years of dust when I leafed through my files looking for ideas. The rest of the pages are fresh this year.
So here they are - please color them, because I'm not going to. I'm going to be drawing more, and lettering more, and hoping to hear back from you.

Buy the book here - you can also get my Storybook Neighborhood coloring book.

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