Birth Announcement

My new book is out! and available here!Feathergill's cover

Why should you care?

Might be dangerous to get me started - you'd run the same risk asking a new grandmother if she has any pictures of the baby. You might be there for a while. I'm tempted to go on and on about this book, my new baby.

I wrote Feathergill's Fabulous Emporium to flesh out what happens when people talk. At Feathergill's, people's words are spun and woven into their clothes, and those clothes reflect their character. The town meanie, the romance writer, the gossip, the soft-hearted storekeeper, the long-winded professor - I had fun exploring how their personalities might show up in their outfits.

What happens when two orphans escape to Feathergill's? Of course I'd recommend you read the book to find out.

I've had the idea for about a decade, and I've been writing it for about half that time. One thing I've learned in my adjunct career as an author: it is a great deal easier to write a bad book than a good one. The first drafts of all my books are fairly terrible, with the germ of a good idea encased in a bunch of claptrap, extra verbiage and plot misdirections. Then I rewrite, and rewrite again, and again. For me, it's a process. And, being that my real job is artwork (I illustrated Feathergill's, too), I have the luxury of doing my writing in spare time, without a deadline.

The publisher insists that I choose an age range for my readership, and I chose 4th through 6th graders, but I think the book speaks to anyone who cares about spoken words. It's the kind of book I read myself, and I'm well past 6th grade.

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