Artist Single-Handedly Saves Christmas... Cards.
If you send me a Christmas card with a charming picture or a heartfelt note, I will save it. Forever, apparently, from the looks of my attic.
Here's my history:
When I was very small, I saved any card I got. If it featured a little girl, I named her. My cards became my paper dolls. I especially favored girls in swirly Victorian dresses. Or ice skates. I was also partial to cute animals in outfits.
When I was in high school, I shopped long and hard for the best Christmas card. My criteria were: 1) good graphics and 2) affordability. If I liked the picture, I didn't worry too much about the wording.
I got to be a grown-up without losing my love of Christmas cards, sent and received. I'm illustrating this post with a few of my greatest hits.
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Merry Christmas!