I love working out ideas in my graph paper notebooks - so I wanted my blog page to have a graph paper background!
When I'm sketching ideas on those graph paper pages, I feel more creative, and the ideas just flow!

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Time for Tile!


After spending a week scrubbing old ceramic tile and old grout in our bathroom, I couldn't seem to see anything but squares. (After numerous go-rounds with bottled tile cleaners, I finally embraced success by cleaning with Bartender's Friend on a nylon scrubby-pad saturated with heavy-duty liquid bleach-based tile cleaner. And LOTS of elbow grease. The right-hand side of this photo shows the result.)

And then we visited French Lick, Indiana. When I wasn't transfixed by the dome in West Baden Springs Resort (which was once "the eighth wonder of the world!") I was staring at the tile work beneath my feet.


So, I've been playing with tile design. I don't like mine half as much as the cookie design lady's work I saw on Youtube, but it sure was fun playing, and I'm never tempted to eat the results. Here are a few, done with some watercolor pens I haven't quite gotten the hang of yet. Maybe I should try icing.


If there's any take-away from this post (and I'm not sure there is), it would be that it's good to go play when something stirs us up or inspires us. And not all play leads anywhere. Sometimes it's just fun.


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