Alphabet Pieces


If you, or someone you know, loves letters - teachers, artists, writers or anyone who loves to read - these hand-colored, block printed letters will continue to bring joy to home or workplace!

The Alphabet Page shows details, and a film that will show how they are made.

Details Here

Details Here
House Memories


This is not just a picture of a house - it's an illustration that artfully frames your memories of places that have been important in your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Mary has done hundreds of these over the years. The House Page shows details, and a film that will show what it's like to own or give these pieces.

Books by Mary Coons

After illustrating dozens of books for others, Mary has written and illustrated several of her own!

The Piglys and the Hundred-Year Mystery is an entertaining mystery aimed at 4th through 6th graders.

The Art of Noticing is a compilation of blog posts, deftly describing observed life's details.

The Storybook Neighborhood Coloring Book - enjoy coloring beautiful pictures of interesting homes!

Versa-Flora Coloring Book - intricate floral designs, featuring nicely lettered scriptures.

Details about the books here.

Anniversary/Memorial Art

Clients have commissioned Anniversary Art to honor marriage milestones for themselves or for loved ones.
Featuring an attractively lettered numeral to denote the anniversary, surrounded by illustrations of life's highlights. People, events, places, careers, accomplishments, exciting trips, and anything else that is part of the couple's story can be part of the body and border of the piece.

The people who have received these have LOVED them!

Others have worked with Mary to produce artwork to honor a departed loved one. These pieces gently bring to mind things from the person's life for those who knew them.

Contact Mary today, and start telling her about all the highlights that will go into the piece you'd like! Prices start at $275 for these very personalized illustrations.

Small Talk Note Cards


Back by popular demand! Just before the original printing of these eight designs sold out, Indy's Faulkenberg Printing produced a flawless fresh run!


Available now from the Store!

Click here for more about these NoteCards.

Custom Projects

Mary does many different kind of artwork. Some items are in-stock for immediate purchase, and many items are custom-made for each client. If you have some other art illustration project in mind, Contact Mary today, and work out the details of having her put your idea on paper!

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