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Date Title Category Description
12/17/201917Artist Single-Handedly Saves Christmas... Cards.ArtHand-made Christmas Cards.
4/10/202232Authors Gotta Author...BooksWould you rather write, or edit... or read?
7/18/202128Birth AnnouncementBooksAnnouncing Feathergill's Fabulous Emporium
4/24/202233Blow Your Own Horn...Please!BooksWe need our own loaves and fishes
12/2/201915Conflicted Artist Bares Soul Regarding MarketingBooksCan a creative person excel at marketing?
1/15/202022Disorganized Artist...Backstory of an IllustrationArtThe backstory behind an illustration and my artistic process.
5/4/202234Fifty Ways to Keep Your JournalMindfulnessDon't be discouraged at the thought of keeping a journal.
5/30/202236Finding Meaning in Trivial ThingsMindfulnessWhy I Love It When Things Fit In Boxes...
2/2/202023Frugal Shopper's GuideMindfulnessObservations on a failed business (not mine!)
12/12/202244How Books Talk...BooksHow many books do you read at a time?
12/7/202025Hypocritical Artist...ArtBackstory on the new coloring book.
1/5/202021Life-Strategies for the Easily DistractedMindfulnessLife strategies for the easily-distracted from an eccentric artist.
12/10/201916Mice in the Kitchen & Elephant in the Living RoomArtBig projects, distractions and FUN!
7/14/202240My Story with God - Some MomentsMindfulnessWe all have moments that shape our lives...
1/2/202126Patricia Wentworth - an AppreciationBooksI pay a debt of gratitude to a favorite author
9/20/202243Pools of HistoryBooksWe each have a personal pool of history, unique as our fingerprint...
8/1/202241Probably Not Your Christmas Solution... but maybeMindfulnessFor the impossible person on your list...
6/24/202238The Power of a Good StoryMindfulnessWhat if life is like a story?
2/24/202024Thrifty Shopper.MindfulnessHow much is "enough"? Question answered.
1/6/202345Tiny Bits of HistoryMindfulnessEvery decade has a flavor...
11/25/201914Two Rules for StudiosArtThoughts on laying out a workspace for creative work.
9/1/202242Vulnerability ExercisesMindfulness"Open a Vein and Bleed'
6/12/202237What's Your Story?MindfulnessWhat if the whole world is one big Story?
7/27/202129Why Read Children's Books?BooksMy sixth attempt to address this subject...
7/9/202239Words & Pictures - My StoryMindfulnessWe all have a story to tell. Here's mine...
5/11/202235Write It Down!MindfulnessSome thoughts for readers averse to journaling...
4/2/202231Writer's Block: A Forensic ExamBooksWriting about not wanting to write. Can I get a witness?
4/2/202127Your Destiny Revealed in Unlikely PlaceBooksYour favorite book from childhood might tell you something...


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