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Probably Not the Solution to Your Every Christmas Problem...


…but maybe.

But only if you have an impossible-to-buy-for person in your orbit, and only if you can handle their tears when they open the package.

And only if you’re willing to do almost as much work as me, generating the art. (See list of questions below!)

And only if you, or you-and-the-rest–of-the family, don’t mind spending about $225.


I can do art like you see above for the problematic person on your Christmas list - the person who has everything, needs nothing, or whose taste is so particular you can never pick a sweater for them. Shown at the top is an example - my world on a shelf. My favorite books, some books I wrote, some family, some projects, some habits. It’s one way to tell a life story. I'll do this for anyone, if I have their information/particulars. I think we all need to be reminded of the ways in which our lives have mattered.


I have room in my schedule to do a few before Christmas. Contact me if you're interested.


But first, try to answer these questions about your person:

•    What’s their birthday? Anniversary?
•    What’s their career, (assuming they loved it)?
•    Hobbies?
•    Pets?
•    Church?
•    Their children’s names? Grandchildren’s?
•    Musical instruments?
•    Favorite flower?
•    Favorite color?
•    Favorite car?
•    Favorite books? (of course.)
•    Their school/university?
•    Awards, accomplishments?
•    Favorite restaurant, food? (maybe)
•    Do they collect anything? (turtle figurines, houseplants, ball caps)?


I don’t need every question answered, just the ones important for your person. You might think of things that aren’t on this list – send ‘em along.


And, I still do pen and ink house portraits, if that’s more to your/their taste.

                                                                                        Lawler house portrait


Final art is usually 11” by 14”. That’s a standard frame size, so you can frame it yourself with a nice frame from Target or wherever.


Contact me at: I’ll need about a 2-week lead time after I receive your answers to my list of questions.


Merry Christmas!

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