Drawing Out Memories

This is not just a picture of a house.
It's an illustration, crafted to work with all your memories that made this place your home.
Mary starts with photos of the house, and notes about some of the things you remember about living there, like a favorite pet, certain events that took place, maybe your old bike, and then she builds an image that reminds you of those precious memories.

Contact Mary today, and get the process started. Soon, you'll have a wonderful piece to hang on your wall, or to give your loved ones! Prices start at $245.

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Here's an Example...

It became necessary for Amy's mother to move out to California to live near her and her family. It was working out well, but Mom missed her home back in Oklahoma.

Just about every story she told started with, "Back when we lived on Rich Avenue..."
...so when Amy heard about these illustrations she knew it would be the perfect gift for her mother!

So she got in touch with Mary, and sent some photos of the house (including one from "Google Street View"), a photo of a memorable pet, and some notes about the family.


First, the angle and perspective needed to be altered to best illustrate the memory of the place. A photo just can't do justice to a place you've loved. And often, there are trees, shrubs or other obstacles that an artist can move or ignore to make the place look its best.

The line of the fencing, and the shape of the porch are altered to make the image warmer and more inviting. The two birds are included, because Mom had mentioned that the birds always reminded her of some dear loved ones. These are the kind of little details that can make the illustration feel like a warm hug from the past!

The old family car was a 1949 Pontiac Chieftain, so its likeness is added - and there's even an 'OK' (for Oklahoma) front bumper sticker!

But the dearest of the details is the seriously cute drawing of their dog, next to the town's newspaper!

These are done with drafting pens - they make such a fine line that you can read the dog's name on his tag!

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