The Art of Noticing - the life-changing power of paying attention & keeping a journal

Too many of us are under the impression that we have nothing special to offer. In this book, author-illustrator Mary Coons demonstrates that paying attention and keeping a journal reveal your untapped potential. Miniscule events and objects - a watch crystal, a children's book, a hummingbird - have huge impacts. Most of our lives are a a fabric woven from minor events and mundane objects. Noticing can be a wellspring of meaning, and maybe a hotline to God.

These short and inspiring essays will inspire you to notice life's details, and then see how your observations can change your life.

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For years, people have enjoyed Mary's "Storybook Neighborhood" posts on social media. Traveling to different cities, or just walking the dog near home, she'd take snapshots of interesting homes and add them to her "Storybook Neighborhood" series.

These photos, along with drawings of houses she has done over the years, plus homes that exist only in Mary's imagination have inspired this fun adult coloring book. Mary reworked the drawings, crafting them to give you the most enjoyment in choosing and adding just the right colors.

There are 24 drawings - use the corresponding captions as springboards to invent stories to go with each house as you color them! Hand bound with a cheerful cover - cover color may vary.

The Piglys and the Hundred-Year Mystery

Years in the making, The Piglys and the Hundred-Year Mystery is a great book for kids. You'll enjoy the gripping story, and you'll love Mary's illustrations! Follow the Piglys on their quest to save their family and their town from the dastardly villains who are trying to take over the town, enslave the people, and ruin the Pigly family name!

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The Storysaurus Book: How to Tell a Round Story

An entertaining writing primer, complete with teacher's guide, aimed at 4th through 6th graders, but classroom-tested successfully in grades 2 through 7.

The included teacher's guide includes reproducible handouts for classroom use. Useful in preparing for writing segments in standardized testing.

The Storysauruses, as a family, tell (and review) stories that demonstrate the basics of good (and bad) writing. Each dinosaur looks like the kind of story they tell. An aid to meta-cognition and critical thinking, with a dash of humor and a glossary.

Illustrated by the author.

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